#134 1998

freddy momo

Posted Wednesday, April 9th, at 1:35 PM (∞).

#133 The lost roll. Consspace002 BERLIN, october 13.

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Posted Sunday, February 2nd, at 6:55 PM (∞).

#131 MFVINS666

vince1 vince2 vince3 Vince

Posted Sunday, February 2nd, at 6:49 PM (∞).

#130 “kind of an exhibition” with my mates Lars Noll & Tobias Thomas at Pinkhaus Skateshop, Berlin. Go check it!!

TexasNollThomas_pinkhaus6 TexasNollThomas at pinkhaus_4 TexasNollThomas at pinkhaus TexasNollThomas_pinkhaus5 TexasNollThomas at pinkhaus_3 Tobi’s blog: http://social-aberration.blogspot.de/

Posted Monday, December 16th, at 3:19 PM (∞).

#129 N. OCTOBER13. ink on paper.


Posted Tuesday, November 12th, at 9:30 PM (∞).

#128 Gdansk…

burninstation 10A_00131 _6A_00135 _4A_00137

Posted Sunday, October 13th, at 6:36 PM (∞).

#127 HellSinki, August13.






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